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Oct 04

STEMPilot @ Santa Clarita Valley Intl., CA

posted on October 4, 2015
STEMPilot was invited to iLead’s founding school to demonstrate the STEMPilot curriculum and edustation flight simulator. Kathleen Fredette introduced the program to teachers and students who reviewed the curriculum and flew tutored missions in the edustation flight simulator. An amazing time was had by all.
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Oct 01

STEMPilot @ Sun Valley Magnet MS LAUSD

posted on October 1, 2015
Today was a training session with the students in Mr. Wolgang’s STEM Class.  Half the class is girls who formed the Girls Flying Club at Sun Valley Magnet MS. Students range in skills from Captains to Student Pilots. They will form flight crews where each student will have a task in the flight. Students learned […]
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Sep 29

STEM Pilot @ East Valley HS In LA

posted on September 29, 2015
Getting Closer
Students have begun their flight club at East Valley  HS. Their experience level varies but they have one well accomplished student who will lead the pack. This all under the watchful eye of Erick Coker, their teacher and Cary Allen, Principal. They now have proper charts for both NY FAA TAM and LA TAM, so […]
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Sep 28

STEM Pilot @ U.S. Dept. of Education DC

posted on September 28, 2015
We were invited to bring our STEM Pilot edustation and Curriculum to visit Richard Culatta, Director of Education Technology, his  Directors of STEM Education & Tech Education and others to see the edusatation first hand. The staff were able to fly the fully tutored East River Approach Mission and land successfully on runway 13 at […]
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Sep 26

JHS 157 Queens NYC Installs First Edustation

posted on September 26, 2015
JHS157 in Queens, NY is building their new STEM Lab. Mr. Cooper is the teacher in charge of this ambitious project. The room now has it’s first edustation flight simulator, it’s first 3D printer and   Promethean glass top work desks. This is an exciting time for these students to explore the world of aviation.
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Sep 23

Florida invests in STEMPilot Flight Simulators

posted on September 23, 2015
Pasco, Pinellis and Hillsboro counties in Florida have installed edustations, edustation Pilot Pros, Triple Screen + Cockpit and Pilot Pro Flight simulators. Using our K12 STEM Lab curriculum and flying our tutored missions students will apply the math and science of aviation is a meaningful Project Based Learning activity. STEMPiot is providing these educators with […]
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Sep 23

STEM Pilot at California Science Teacher Conf. Oct. 2-3

posted on September 23, 2015
Sacramento CA. Oct. 2-3  STEM will demonstrate our K-12 STEM Lab curriculum and edustation flight simulators in a meaningful Project Based Leaning Activity. Visitors will be able to fly our tutored missions designed to teach students the math and science of flying.  Students form crews to self evaluate and coach each other. They can […]
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Sep 10

Chester N.J. Black River MS Installs STEMPilot edustation flight simulator

posted on September 10, 2015
Cessna 172 KMMU
The Black River MS received an extraordinary gift of an edustation flight simulator  from       SpecialGuest | a sibling of 1stAveMachine  231 Front St., 4th Flr, Brooklyn, NY 11201 . These are photos of Brad Currie, a few of the  schools teachers and a group of students flying from Morristown airport, then from Las […]
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Sep 02

MS 187 in Brooklyn NY installs 10 edustation flight simulators

posted on September 2, 2015
Middle school 187 in Brooklyn just completed the installation of 10 edustation flight simulators in the new STEM Lab. Steve Dimino, the schools Technology Coordinator is in charge. This effort is led by Justin Berman, the 187 Principal, who’s vision brought Steve to 187 and facilitated this installation. All of us at STEM Pilot look […]
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Aug 28

Newington CT Middle School’s Academy of Aerospace and Engineering

posted on August 28, 2015
Fledgling Students at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering by Bryan Holmes, STEM Teacher Today was the second day of school at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering at John Wallace Middle School, and we have already started “flying.” Students learned about aircraft identification this morning, researched an aircraft of their choice, then learned the basics of flight simulator operations. We […]
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